To get my bachelor’s degree, during the third year of school, I create a game during all the year in a group of 7 students :

2 programmers

5 artists:

  • Julien Hemmerlé
  • Thomas Meurisse
  • Thibaud Gayraud
  • Sébastien Van Elverdinghe
  • Etienne Lechevallier

In a tomb, you control a disease that takes control over an human mutating him into a monster. Through this monster you will kill every human and build your own army out of their dead bodies.

The Gameplay consists of spreading and controlling an infection, contaminating the maximum human to do the best score.

I worked on the implementation of class and their hierarchy. We had no limit for the character’s amount in the game, I therefore worked with dynamic arrays. Then, I tried to make the code as versatile as possible. For instance, the player could control a human if we wanted to create a new game mode. For optimization, I created an area around the player whose elements outside are not updated and are not rendered in the game engine. On the gameplay side, I set up the scoring system and with my colleague programmer (Alexandre Meunier), we took care of the artificial intelligence of the human and we also worked on weapons and in the integration of elements in Fresh.


60FPS had to turn on the PS3 with Fresh Engine.




Sepsis 1

Sepsis 2

Sepsis 3

Sepsis 4

Sepsis 5

Sepsis 6

Sepsis 7

Sepsis 8

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